Heart and Soul Twinkle Eyed Misfits.

A project celebrating all our diverse weirdness, averageness and brilliance!

It’s an international project that so far has visited Germany, UK, Hungary and Greece.

It’s non-exclusive. The point being all of us have things about us we perceive, or believe others perceive, to be weird and realising, accepting and celebrating this fact makes all of us misfits and therefore none of us!

It’s participational! That's the whole point of it! This is how.....

Tell us what’s odd about you! Write it in the book ‘The Misfit Files – How Do You Not Fit In’ or on the blog, see ‘The Misfit Files’ post.

Get a T-shirt! These can be bought for a minimum donation.

Get a certificate – this comes with the T-shirt.

Send a picture to this blog of you in your T-shirt.

Keep up the good work! And enjoy yourselves.

Misfits Unlimited